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Freyja A. Bernard

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Hello all. I'm the designer, maker, photographer, coffee grabber and roadie for Botany Lane Pottery. I've been throwing since 2016 and started selling in 2017 as a means of funding my ceramic supply purchases. That's where the name Botany Lane came from- it's the street I lived on when I found ceramics. The simple Wisteria leaf logo has a similar nostalgia as it was the first thing I'd planted in the garden at that house and I loved pressing it into the wet clay. It was like sending a part of my happy home on to others.

I recently sold and moved into a new house where I will make new memories but with the name of my old street & wisteria logo I'm lucky to get to carry my beginnings with me.


Fast forward to 2019 and I'm now a founding member of "Workable Earth Guild", have my pots for sale in Ellicott City, Savage Mill, and White Marsh, have my handmade buttons on clothing designs by "Lee Andersen" and sell at festivals all over Maryland!

Ellicotty City:  - Old Mill Cafe
                         - Taylors Collective 

Savage Mill:    - Magick Corner Studio

                         - Lee Andersen Factory Store

The Avenue at White Marsh:

                        - Makers of Maryland Holiday Pop Up Shop
                          (across from wayward steakhouse)

**Have an event you'd like to see Botany Lane Pottery? Please dont hesitate to use the contact form for any suggestions. And feel free to join the email list to keep up to date with scheduled events! 

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